is there any wonder why his legacy has endured to this day? During the seventies there had to be at least one or two kids in every neighborhood in the States who was heavily influenced by Lee. Bruce Lee will always be legendary icon. We have yet to see anybody with his skills or charisma to this day and I doubt we… » 9/18/14 3:51pm Yesterday 3:51pm

If we learned anything we know now that having your best player(s) on the field to make a run in winning a Super Bowl for teams in the NFL takes precedence over everything...everything. And to a lot of fans that's ok with them to. Which is also very sad and disturbing. Which shows how much more "growing up" society… » 9/15/14 6:25pm Monday 6:25pm

I know WASHINGTON has a lot of time and money invested in RGIII but the signs and proof have been evident since the first injury. RGIII is not going to be that "great player". Not today at least. Sit him down and give the reigns to Cousins. » 9/15/14 12:56pm Monday 12:56pm

If we learned anything we know now that having your best players on the field to make a run in winning a Super Bowl for teams in the NFL takes precedence over everything. And to a lot of fans that is ok with them to. Which shows how much more "growing" up society still needs to do. » 9/15/14 12:46pm Monday 12:46pm

All these people who say that they can separate the athlete from the individual's personal life and belief's is a cop out and total bullshit. Its not that serious to keep supporting people who have disturbing questionable ethics and morality issues. Its very sad and unfortunate that there are a whole lot of people who… » 9/13/14 6:02pm Saturday 6:02pm

"American consumers now give a shit"? Sorry people have always cared. What is happening today is along with the 24 news channels and social media if a player is seen or caught doing something that incident is instantly reported on a grander scale. Its way different today compared to twenty years ago when a player was… » 9/13/14 10:25am Saturday 10:25am

I'm feeling real jaded with sports theses days. PED's,intoxication/drug abuses,domestic violence,suspensions,fines,concussions,cover-ups etc etc etc. Point is its taking a toll on my enjoyment for all sports. And I never thought that could ever happen but c'mon now its just one sordid un-ethical thing after another.… » 9/12/14 11:37am 9/12/14 11:37am

The album was No. 1 for six consecutive weeks. It has sold over eleven million copies worldwide. That's eleven million to your one. So unless you get more than eleven million more recommendations,the majority says there is no need for a new soundtrack. Finally the 1989 Batman movie is a classic. It's been a classic… » 9/11/14 1:03pm 9/11/14 1:03pm

I kinda thought it would look better circular. But the thing is if we learned anything when it comes to Apple devices and that is the first generation is ok and cool if you are one of those people who wants to be the first to show off. But its the second and third generation Apple devices to wait for to get. » 9/11/14 7:24am 9/11/14 7:24am