New, "Grassroots" Pro-Redskins Website Is Run By A PR Firm, Of just change the freekin' name already. Nobody is really going to care five years from now anyway. Stop being so stubborn and spiteful and just get it done. Remember the St. John Redmen? It was changed and life went on. » 7/30/14 1:46pm Yesterday 1:46pm

She could've said something the day Smith went on his rant that same day. She could've walk off the show. But she didn't. All she did was sat next to Smith and went along with his "apology". I hope Rob Parker is laughing his ass off because all he did was calling RG III a cornball. And Parker got suspended and fired.… » 7/29/14 5:11pm Tuesday 5:11pm

From reading this article whatever negative or criticism is implied with Rock's comedy may I add that in 1990 Rock was a young 25 year old. Point is some people grow and mature through the years. What was said in 1990 may not be his same views he has today as a husband and father. And lets not forget he's a comic and… » 7/29/14 12:01pm Tuesday 12:01pm

After seeing the Vision and The Scarlett Witch in a car in love and that time The Vision first cried,I remembered this great scene from the comics somewhat recently. This is way down the road if they even go that route with The Vision and Wanda getting together in the movies. But this was a great cold hearted scene.… » 7/28/14 2:25pm Monday 2:25pm

A question should be raised on where is the line? How much further will a TMZ go to get a "scoop"? A even better question is it really possible that people will always be fascinated and curious about celebrities? Which is why entities like TMZ even exist in the first place. Why is society so transfixed for example on… » 7/28/14 4:58pm Monday 4:58pm

Of course I would notice immediately a massive increased police presence and living in NYC as a African American I wouldn't feel 100% safe. I would feel really nervous and unsafe to say the least. Never felt "safe" around cops in the 70's,80', 90's or yesterday. And I'm a 9 to 5 career worker that never… » 7/28/14 10:07am Monday 10:07am

All I did was that I called a fellow black man a cornball. A cornball? Yes they let me go for that. Even if some people found that wrong and offensive where was my chance to do a pre-recorded apology with a fellow panelist backing me up? Oh no it was instant suspension and no new contract for my OPINION. Embrace… » 7/28/14 11:01am Monday 11:01am

Amazing still how every action movie trailer with super edited jump cuts from only the action scenes gets people overly excited that its going to be great. If you quick edited all the action scenes for the Batman and Robin movie trailer it'll look great too. » 7/27/14 11:08am Sunday 11:08am